Apple Watch Hermes now available online, prepare $1,250 for the Double Tour


So far only available in select physical stores, the Apple Watch Hermes collection has been released to the masses. If the masses are willing to accept the $1,100 to $1,500 price tags, that is.

Listed on the Apple’s online store, 7 out of the 10 available models are based on the 38mm Apple Watch. The Double Tour models, which have dominated promotional material for the range, and counsequently are the ones to get, come in four colors and 38mm size only. Price is $1,250/€1,450/£1,150.

Single Tour models (which is basically your regular leather strap) go for $1,100/€1,300/£1,000 for the 38mm case and 50 more of either currency for the larger version. The most expensive option is the Apple Watch Hermes Cuff, only available in 42mm size and listed for $1,500/€1,750/£1,350.

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