Samsung to reportedly use its own touchscreen digitizer in the Galaxy S7


Samsung has been trying to become self-reliant when it comes to smartphones components. It has already started equipping its smartphones with display panels, camera sensors, processors, DRAM chips, storage chips, and cellular radios that are internally developed by Samsung. Now, it will start using touchscreen IC that is developed by its System LSI division.

According to ETNews, Samsung has been developing its own touchscreen digitizer since past three years, and it was recently decided that it will be put to use in theGalaxy S7. More importantly, it is being reported that this new digitizer will only be supplied for the Galaxy S7 family of devices. Earlier, the company used to rely on digitizers from Synaptics and ST Microelectronics in its high-end devices.

It is being predicted that Samsung will further reduce its dependance on foreign companies. Moreover, since touchscreen displays are being increasingly used (even in laptops), the company wanted to speed up the process of developing its own touchscreen digitizer. Now, brands like Synaptics and others will receive direct hits in revenue once Samsung stops or reduces purchasing digitizers from them.



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