The Gear S2 Classic goes global, Rose Gold and Platinum models available at Amazon in the US


The Gear S2 Classic is considered to be Samsung’s traditional take on the “classic” smartwatch (hence the name), but some customers want a little more choice in build materials with the traditional (and their favorite) smartwatch. While some customers have been debating the Gear S2’s build materials, others have been wondering when they’d see the smartwatch in their own land. Now, the wait is over: the Gear S2 Classic has gone global today, bringing with it the love of millions of Samsung fans who a premium timepiece to match their premium smartphone.

With the global release of the Gear S2 Classic, though, questions arise about the Rose Gold and Platinum Gear S2 models and when consumers can expect to see them (Dutch customers already have their pick of these two). US customers can count on Amazon to have the very latest and best of the tech world, and the case is no different with regard to the very best “bling” of Samsung’s latest smartwatch.

The Gear S2 Classic Rose Gold and Gear S2 Classic Platinum both bear a retail price of $449.99, so you’re paying $100 more than the retail price for the Gear S2 Classic black model (for example). Nothing has changed as far as specs and features are concerned: you’re still looking at the same 1.2-inch, circular AMOLED display, rotating bezel and Rotary UI, 1Ghz, dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 250mAh battery that provides anywhere between 2-4 days on a single charge, wireless charging, as well as IP68-certified water and dust resistance.

Samsung’s best smartwatch has just gotten better. Who’s buying?

Gear S2 Classic Platinum



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