SmartThings helps parents cool down their teenager’s hormones in latest video


Teenagers and their hormones is an eternal discussion that has been going on since before the time when someone named the famous parent/child discussion “the birds and the bees.” The latest Samsung SmartThings video shows parents how to cool down their teenagers’ hormones without being aware of “the rising flame.” A father, away from his home, can turn down the temperature of the room, among other things.

Samsung’s SmartThings Hub is the company’s IoT source by which the Korean giant hopes to have consumers connect everything in their home, from thermostats to air conditioning and heating, to their Smart TV, smartphone, and even laptop computers (not to mention home appliances such as ovens, microwaves, washers and dryers). Samsung acquired SmartThings back in August 2014 and pledged to keep it open source at the time. With Samsung’s move to bring the Gear S2 to iOS, its introduction of the Windows Mobile-powered TabPro S, as well as the decision to bring its entire app collection to iOS, Samsung’s best move forward is cross-platform (and SmartThings is the center of all its efforts).

In addition to cooling down teenager hormones, the Korean giant also wants you to use SmartThings to keep an eye on your “burglar” children, help your mutt lose weight, and turn off your iron to avoid home disasters. “Now you know you know.”

Cool off your teenager’s hormones at the video and link below.



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