HTC offers free $100 Jabra Move headphones with One A9 for one day only


Did you miss the $400 HTC One A9 deal? Well, like Bill Murray you get a do-over on Groundhog Day. Well, not quite – today (until 9 PM Pacific Time) you can have the One A9 plus a Jabra Move headset for $500. You don’t even have to ask, this is US only.

The headset itself – a pair of Bluetooth headphones with up to 8 hours of playback time – costs $100, so it’s kind of like the HTC One A9 costs $400. Kind of. You could have bought it at $400 and then picked any $100 headset you like.

And since HTC is on the topic of repeat promotions, the following day it will cut its RE action camera back down to $80 as it was back in December. That’s still pricey, considering it was$50 in October. This is a one-day promotion too.

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