How to avoid losing your Galaxy Note’s S Pen


Picture this scenario: You’ve just got your hands on a lovely new Galaxy Note 5, you’re totally obsessed with your new toy and can’t stop seizing the S Pen at every opportunity to scribble down a note or two. At some point though, it is inevitable that you’ll grab your phone, leaving its accompanying stylus behind. Now, what do you do? Return to the scene of the crime, run around like a headless chicken and pray that it’s still there, or begrudgingly fork out an additional $29.99 for a replacement pen?

If you activate one little feature on your Galaxy Note, you can save yourself the hassle of locating or replacing a lost S Pen.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open up Settings.
  2. Scroll down, locate and select S Pen.
  3. Check the box entitled S Pen Alerts

Now you will notice that if you remove your S Pen, set it aside, and pick up your phone without it in its housing, your handset will vibrate and push a notification prompting you to return it to its dedicated compartment. It’s a really simple but extremely effective feature that significantly reduces the likelihood of you losing your beloved pointer or leaving it behind too often.


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