Facebook testing multiple account management and SMS integration on Android


Some Facebook Messenger users over on Android Police have reported that their Facebook Messenger app has been looking different for a couple of weeks now.

On top of all the changes already made, Facebook is testing a few new features for a future app release.

The most unusual of which is SMS integration for Android. A few years ago, Facebook Messenger featured a way to set Messenger as your default SMS app. This was a way for users to quickly message people both on Facebook and SMS quickly without leaving the app. The problem was that it wasn’t adopted as much as the Facebook Team had hoped.

Just like the Facebook message color is blue, the SMS color is purple to differentiate it from a Facebook message.

The feature has been pulled back in 2014 but Facebook’s new business strategy for the year involves being able to look up people to talk to by name, not even using a phone number.

There are some new Material Design elements found like the blue action bar and the blue status bar. Facebook is testing several different layouts and hasn’t seemed to finalize on one yet.

Also new, is multiple Facebook account support. The ability to add more than one account to Facebook Messenger account on a single device.

This would be especially useful for business users who manage multiple business accounts with high volume customer interaction.

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