Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) camera up-close [VIDEO]


Our review of the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) has been up for a week now, and you’re probably already familiar with our impressions. This year’s A-series 5.5-incher got praised for its supreme build, battery endurance, and color-accurate AMOLED display, to name a few.

It was particularly interesting to see the new 13MP camera in action. It’s used in no less than four models in the A family this year – from the A3 (2016), where it’s only been stripped of OIS, to the A9 (2016), so if that many devices are relying on it, it better be good.

And it sure is, to the point where it can rival the outgoing Galaxy S6 flagship. Okay, maybe not in all cases – there are instances, where the A7 struggles to match it top-shelf brother, for example shots in less than ideal light.

We’ve summarized our findings in the video below for those who have just 2 minutes to spare. The rest can refer back to the camera section of the review where you can pixel-peep to your heart’s content.


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