Sony Huis – the crowd-funded, e-Ink based universal remote


Sony’s new e-Ink based universal remote is called Huis (allegedly pronounced “house”). The always-on display means the remote is always ready to use (smartphone IR remote apps always need to wake up the screen).

The Huis is designed to stand upright to blend in with the rest of your electronics (it measures 123 x 68 x 24mm, 130g). The 1,500mAh battery is rated at about a month (based on 100 uses per day).

The remote also has Bluetooth LE built-in, which will be enabled in the future. You can download remotes for various gadgets – TVs, air conditioners, anything IR-based really.

You can also use a PC app to design your own remote interface, complete with cute images to appeal to children.

The Sony Huis is a product of the First Flight crowd funding platform (which previously brought an e-paper smart watch). The Huis will be available only in Japan for now, starting in March. Pre-orders run for JPY 27,950 (around $250), putting it against the Logitech Harmony remotes on price.

Source (in Japanese) | Via


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