Samsung Pay now supports 15 more banks and credit unions in the US


Samsung has just updated its mobile payment gateway with support for fifteen new banks and credit unions in the United States. This brings the total of supported Visa and MasterCard issuers up to an astonishing 68. However, despite the South Korean company’s best efforts, the third-largest bank in America, Wells Fargo, is still missing from the list.

A roundup of all of the newly-supported banks can be seen below:

  • Affinity Federal Credit Union
  • Central Minnesota Credit Union
  • Charlotte Metro Credit Union
  • Connexion Credit Union
  • Fannin Bank
  • Marine Federal Credit Union
  • NCPA Federal Credit Union
  • Partners! Federal Credit Union
  • People’s United Bank
  • Redwood Credit Union
  • Security Service Federal Credit Union
  • States Department Federal Credit Union
  • Trustone Financial
  • US Alliance Financial
  • Wes Banco

If you own one of the newest card additions, you will now be able to activate Samsung Pay and store your payment details within the application, so that you can effortlessly make mobile payments when you’re out and about.



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