30% of your mobile data is consumed behind the scenes and Opera has a solution


Isn’t it just great that we now live in a world where data can travel everywhere with you, seamlessly? Open up an instant messenger on your phone and voila, all your conversations are just where you left them last, perhaps on your PC or tablet. The same goes for your email, photos and most every data that you decide to hand over management of to Google, Apple, Microsoft or any other cloud service.

However, as most of you have surely considered at one point or another, while this might happen “automagically”, it does require quite a bit of background data usage, which most likely comes out of your data plan. Opera has always been a bit more concerned than most for proper mobile data utilization and its latest set of statistics provide a good reason why.

According to data aggregated through Opera Max users in December 2015, around 30% of all mobile data consumption happens in the background. Various syncing and refreshing services eat up around 1MB out of every 3MB passing through your device and while the behind the scenes functionality is definitely an invaluable features, not all apps are particularly efficient with you data plan.

According to the statistics, Facebook Messenger and Gmail do about 73% of their transfers behind the scenes, followed by Google Drive and WhatsApp, at around 50%. And while that doesn’t mean said apps waste data, others might, due to lack of optimization or development oversights. If this happens to be a concern for you as well, Opera actually has a viable solution.

Opera Max is a powerful Android app that helps you save on data through clever compression mechanisms, as well as monitoring tools and granular control over what and when gets a piece of the internet. Smart Alerts is a feature within Opera Max that informs you if an app is eating away too much data in the background and allows you to stop the leakage, if deemed unnecessary. You can get Opera Max free on the Google Play Store.



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