PayPal redesigns its apps for Android and iOS


PayPal has unveiled a big redesign for its mobile apps today. You can already find the updated versions in the iTunes App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.

The new apps come with simplified UIs and no more clutter, according to the company. It claims that customer feedback drove much of the redesign process.

Features have been simplified, and either app comes with a better global user experience, as the “iterative platform” they’re both based on allows for easier customization.

Sending and requesting money is now front and center inside the mobile apps, since apparently PayPal has seen over 100% growth in the number of peer-to-peer transactions happening over the last two years. A new personalized hub lets you easily add people from your contacts, while the new home screen lists all of your transaction details. That’s also where you can quickly pay your pending requests or send payments to any of your recent contacts.

Finally, account activity has been separated by pending and completed transactions, and fingerprint authentication on Android should now work with many more devices.

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