Apple employees given incentive to sell more iPhones


According to sources from 9To5Mac, Apple store employees are being offered rewards for selling more iPhones. This period allegedly starts on February 21 through March 26.

This program will reward Apple reps rewards like all-expense trips to Cupertino for those who sell the highest number of iPhones in their regions. Though, strangely, Apple is calling it a way to “celebrate” the success of the iPhone.

If you go back to the dates from the first paragraph, this actually sounds a lot like the period of hype that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will stir up after MWC all the way until the phone launches.

Besides Apple’s numbers plateauing from the previous year’s financial reports, the company likely wants to power through the launch of the Galaxy S7 while raising its own number of phones sold for next year’s financial reports.

In addition, best performing stores will win store-wide parties and gear from Apple’s gift shop.



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