Samsung Connect Auto is an affordable connected car solution


Samsung today announced the launch of its first affordable connected car solution called Samsung Connect Auto. The company has created an ecosystem of services and products to enable a safe, eco-friendly and more fun driving experience with different features for both customers and enterprises.

Samsung Connect Auto plugs directly into the OBD-II found under the steering wheel of every car manufactured since the ’90s. The dongle uses real-time alerts to aid users to improve their driving behavior, offer tips on how to increase fuel efficiency while even offering a Wi-Fi connection to keep passengers connected on the go. The connected car solution is secured using Samsung Knox.

The dongle will run on AT&T’s cellular network in the United States initially, it’s powered by Tizen OS and developers can leverage the SDK to provide more services for this solution. The company encourages safe driving behavior by using geo-fencing and driver rating algorithms. In the event of an accident, Samsung Connect Auto will automatically notify the driver’s contacts and accident concierge services will be provided. A “Find My Car” app will enable users to locate their car in real-time using GPS and LTE. It also helps keep passengers connected on the go since it provides a powerful LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that enables multi-user internet access. To offer tips on how to increase fuel efficiency Connect Auto uses multiple proprietary algorithms to analyze miles traveled, time on the road and price per gallon.

A “virtual mechanic” will automatically check the car’s status from the on-board diagnostic port to provide recommendations on maintenance and repair services offered by a specialized network. Samsung is also working with partner companies to develop a new ecosystem of carriers, insurance companies, roadside assistance operators, and maintenance networks. Samsung Connect Auto is going to be initially released in the United States in the second quarter of 2016. AT&T will be the first wireless provider of this solution in the country.



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