Smart Switch updated with support for the transfer adapter that ships with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge


Samsung has today updated its Smart Switch application on the Galaxy Store. This latest upgrade brings support for the Galaxy-to-Galaxy transfer adapter that’s included in the box of the recently-announced Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. The connector makes it faster and easier than ever before to migrate content from your old smartphone to your new one using the charging cable.

For those unaware of USB OTG, it’s a networking standard that was introduced to Android back in 2014, which lets you plug in an external peripheral to your smartphone via a USB to microUSB cable. It also makes it possible for multiple devices to connect directly with each other.

Smart Switch makes great use of this innovative technology by empowering users to connect one phone to another. The application transfers all of the selected content stored on the old unit to the new handset, which includes any S Planner events, call logs, alarms, emails and Internet bookmarks.


There’s one main advantage of using this type of data transfer, and that’s speed. Prior to the inclusion of the microUSB adapter, the only options available for transferring files between devices was by switching out memory cards (which only worked if your old/new handset supported expandable storage), moving files over Wi-Fi or plugging into a computer and manually dragging/dropping the files.

However, all three methods above are slow and tedious. USB OTG means that you don’t need a memory card or a computer to move files. You just need to have the two devices ready, a microUSB cable and Samsung’s new transfer adapter handy, then you’re good to go.


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