Quick demo video reveals HoloLens Start Menu and navigation


A tutorial video of the Actiongram App has been posted to YouTube and shows a basic demo with the HoloLens including a view of the Start Menu and basic navigation of the Actiongram app.

If you’ve never seen it before, HoloLens a pretty interesting way of literally introducing PC elements into your physical environment and these are among the first leaks toward a semi to fully-finished Start Menu.

The Start Menu in the short clip shows a top cluster with status information like Wi-Fi connection signal, time, and volume. Cortana makes an appearance right above Microsoft’s Live Tiles and two shortcuts perhaps to take photo or video.

This same top cluster makes its way to the All Apps window and to navigate between apps, the user is required to point up or down onto a scrolling bar.

Check out the YouTube video below to see the quick demo of the what the Holo Lens can do.

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