Sticker shock: Samsung Galaxy S7 Lens Cover costs a whopping €150


The Lens Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S7 impressed with the quality of its build (you canread our hands-on for more info). Also, it was interesting to see Samsung dabble in something usually handled by third-party accessory makers.

A Dutch e-tailer has put up the Lens Cover and its two lens (telephoto and fisheye) up for pre-order and, well, we hope it really overestimated the price.

Really, the total cost (including VAT) comes out to €152.46. That’s £120/$167. Fine, Dutch gadget prices are higher than average for Europe and in the US taxes will probably be lower than the 20% VAT in the Netherlands, but that’s still a lot of money (guess olloclip can breathe easy).

Anyway, the cover will ship March 9, that’s a couple of days before the Galaxy S7 edge itself heads out to consumers.

Thanks for the tip, Michel!

Source | Via (in Dutch)


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