GSMA announces LG G5 for best device at MWC 2016, other award winners too


GSM Association has announced the winners of the annual Global Mobile Awards (Glomo). This year there were eight competing categories, each with at least few subcategories.

The main categories are:

  • Category 1: The Connected Life Awards
  • Category 2: Best Mobile Services
  • Category 3: Social & Economic Development
  • Category 4: Best Mobile Apps
  • Category 5: Best Mobile Handsets & Devices
  • Category 6: Best Mobile Technology
  • Category 7: Government Excellence Awards
  • Category 8: Outstanding Achievement

We won’t list all winners, but here are some of the highlights.

If you want to learn all the winners and get more info on each of them, you should check the official awards page.

The LG G5 was chosen as the best new device introduced at the MWC 2016 while the LG G5 & Friends accessories were among the most loved gadgets at the expo.



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