Microsoft announces Outlook watch face for Android Wear


Microsoft has announced a new watch face for Android Wear. The watch face comes as part of the Outlook app and should increase the utility of your Android Wear device if you’re an Outlook user.


One of the features of the new watch face is that marks the edges of the watch dial corresponding to events in your calendar. It also color codes them to the different calendars you may have added to your Outlook app. This way you can see when a certain event will be, over the course of the next 12 hours, by just glancing at your watch. Other than the subtle coloring, the watch face will also expressly mention all your events for the day below the time.

If you don’t have any events, the watch face will show you the number of unread emails you have and who sent them. You can respond to email by choosing from archive, schedule, flag, and delete options. You can also RSVP for invitations from the watch. If you have to reply, you can use one of the canned responses or use voice dictation.

The watch face is also customizable and you can change the background and accent color.

The new watch face is part of the updated Outlook app.



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