Show HTC how good your selfies skill are for a chance to win an HTC 10


HTC’s latest guerilla marketing campaign is all about that perfect selfie. The company recently launched a new contest that may land you a free HTC 10. All you have too do is upload your best selfie at the source link and keep your fingers crossed. Oh, you also have to be over 18 and live in the US and to participate.


#PutYourselfInOurSelfie, as HTC is calling it, seems be after raw material for a video, undoubtedly to promote the HTC 10 and its OIS-enabled front-facing shooter. There are even instructions for you to follow on the website and it appears you can enter as many of your portraits as you like. Hopefully, HTC has thought this one through and is prepared for the influx of files, as the form itself doesn’t really have a captcha or any form of data validation, so, we can only assume script ideas for the clip are welcome too.


Submissions are accepted up until June 10, so you still have plenty of time to get creative with those selfies next week.



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