Android Pay Day – a new monthly discount program launched in the UK


After a minor hiccup with the launch last month, it appears Android Pay is now working normally within the UK. Yes, you can already shop at quite a few locations using the platform, including big names like KFC and BP and there are already a handful of banks on board with card support.

However many people likely need to be informed and given incentives to use Android Pay’s new functionality in order for it to pick up. As part of its media campaign to promote the payment gateway, Google has also launched a new promotion program.

Cleverly named Android Pay Day, the idea behind it is to offer UK adopters special offers and promotions each month on the Tuesday before a pay check. The initial batch goes out today and includes a deal at Starbucks and one at Deliveroo. The former is a buy one Frappucinno, get one free, white the latter can get you GBP 5 off your first order or GBP 2.5 on your next one (codes ANDROIDPAY5 and ANDROIDPAY2.5 respectively).

If you happen to live in the UK and even if neither offer catches you eye, now would still be as perfect a time as any to give Android Pay a swing. You can get it on the Google Play Store or via the source link. It will also be interesting to see which companies support the initiative in the future and how long Google manages to keep it up.

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