OnePlus 3 goes through scratch and bend test, survives to tell the tale


OnePlus 3, currently the hottest flagship on the market, was bound to go through various torture tests. JerryRigEverything seems to be the one to do it first, and the OnePlus 3 survived the encounter.

The famous YouTuber has a routine for testing each device starting with some scratch tests, taking a lighter to the screen, and ending with a bend test. Usually, if the device is of a solid build, it will survive the last trial. But there are those like the Xiaomi Mi 5 which were not built to be bend even the tiniest bit.

Here is the OnePlus 3 torture test.


The screen may have popped outside the chassis, but the device still works and is a survivor.

By the way, JerryRigEverything also found out the OnePlus 3 is quite easy to disassemble and so to repair. You can see it for yourself.



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