Get the 64GB Moto X Pure Edition for $319, the 16GB costs $239


Moto X Pure Edition, the USA version of the Moto X Style, is now available at a bargain price on various retailers. All three storage options have been discounted, but the best deal comes with the 64GB flavor.

Both Amazon and B&H are now offering the Moto X Pure Edition 64GB for $319, which is $130 down from its regular price. The 16GB model costs $239, down $110. There is no deal with the Moto X Pure 32GB, so it’s currently more expensive than the 64GB model.

If you opt for B&H deals you’ll be also getting a few 32GB microSD card, which should come in handy thanks to the Android Marshmallow’s adoptable storage feature.

According to B&H website the deal will end today at 11:59 PM EDT, but Amazon says nothing about the duration of the promo. Anyway, if you want to get one of these Moto Pure X phones, you should do it today.

Thank you, Anthony, for the tip!



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