The OnePlus X is apparently out of stock, forever


If the OnePlus 3 got you hyped, but you don’t really feel like spending EUR 400 on a new handset, as competitive a pricing as that may be. Or, perhaps, 5.5-inches are just a bit too much for your pocket, OnePlus still has you covered with the OnePlus X right? Well, as it turns out, no.

The device is not only marked as out of stock in the official store, but some Forum users, who have already ordered the handset have also shared a rather troubling notice. It states clearly that OnePlus has no intention of producing any more OnePlus X units for the time being. Apparently, the shortage in stock is so bad that OnePlus can’t even fulfill its existing orders and is forced to offer a $10 coupon and a refund instead.

The OnePlus X can still be found through some other vendors and unofficial channels, so, you might have a chance to get one, albeit probably by paying a premium. Another positive note is that the OnePlus 2 is still available, if you are willing to settle for that. However, this does not change the fact that it is sad to see the company’s sole mid-range offer discontinued after only a few months.

We get that this is most-likely a business decision more than anything else, but some heads-up or a phasing period would have been appreciated. And we do hope that this won’t inadvertently hurt the experience of current OnePlus X owners, or the popularity of the excellent new OnePlus 3.

Thanks for the tip Hicham

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