ZeroLemon’s new Nexus 6P battery case promises to almost triple the phone’s battery life


If you are one of those people, who spend a lot of time away from a socket, then you have probably come across ZeroLemon is search of a solution for your extended autonomy needs. Now, the company also has a solution for the Nexus 6P lined up. It comes in the shape of a case, quite a bulky one at that. It measures 7.17 x 3.43 x 0.82 inches and weighs in at a hefty 250 grams.

All that extra baggage does, however, get you an 8,500 mAh battery pack to add to the phone’s existing 3,450 mAh one. However, due to the double conversion that takes place during charging, ZeroLemon estimates the case will give you about 190% of extra battery life, instead of the 240% boost the numbers alone would suggest.

The case uses triple layer protection in its construction and is shock resistant. It is designed to allow access to all existing controls on the device, even the USB Type-C port, which is simply replicated with a passthrough, conveniently using the same connector. Yet using the fingerprint reader, among other things, requires a poking motion, rather than a simple swipe, but sacrifices are inevitable when dealing with the battery gods.

While already announced and listed on Amazon for $59.99, the case is not available for purchase or pre-order yet. ZeroLemon claims it will kick-off sales on July 15. The hefty price tag does also get you the manufacturer’s 100% zero defect warranty and a 180-day money back guarantee with support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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