Sprint silently chops ‘Galaxy Forever’ upgrade program


If you’re familiar with Sprint’s iPhone Forever upgrade program, the ‘Galaxy Forever’ upgrade program is the same thing. Sign up with Sprint for a Galaxy or iPhone device of your choosing, and you’ll be able to upgrade to the next Galaxy phone after making 12 lease payments without paying upgrade fees. Sounds pretty straightforward.

It appears that Sprint is no longer offering the program anymore with either the Galaxy S7 edge or the Galaxy S7. Fierce Wireless has confirmed this with several Sprint stores already.

There is no official news from Sprint as to why it removed the Galaxy Forever plans. Perhaps it was not as successful as the iPhone Forever plan, seeing as iPhone users stick to iOS. Perhaps many Galaxy customers didn’t see themselves owning a Samsung phone for two consecutive years?

Who knows? It seems like lately anyone who I’ve spoken to has told me that their carrier has tried to talk them into upgrading on a financing plan, rather than these new lease plans that phone companies have been pushing to their customers over the last year or so.

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