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Here’s what was discussed on today’s Essential PH-1 Reddit AMA


Essential has promised to hold bi-weekly Reddit AMA sessions where fans and customers alike can share their feedback on anything surrounding the Essential PH-1. It’s a great way for the company to engage with customers and make them feel that their concerns are important.

Coincidentally, today is also the day that Essential has launched the Android Oreo beta for the PH-1. This week’s AMA was hosted by Rebecca (VP of Software), Marcus (Software Program Manager), and Sean (Quality Engineer). Today’s AMA addressed the following ongoing concerns among Essential customers:

  • Regarding the RF and intermittent signal issues: These issues seem to arise from “having advanced network features enabled on accounts that don’t support them.” Essential will look into this at a carrier/device level and also mentions that Oreo will bring lots of modem fixes and that the issue will be hard to address all at once as there are many variables at play including Wi-Fi to LTE handoff – which will be looked at as well.
  • Regarding excessive camera compression and portrait mode: Essential is currently testing new builds with decreased image compressing (to yield better quality photos – this is coming “very soon”. Portrait mode is in development and making progress. The goal is to release this feature before the Holiday season. It will be updated via the Play Store so it may come before or after the Oreo release.
  • Essential acknowledges a scrolling issue that many are reporting. “This is a top concern for us and [we] are exploring all available avenues to improve”.
  • Essential is working to improve an issue of inaccurate screen input when trying to answer a phone call. Users report that they cannot answer a call on the first swipe. Essential suggests you try to swipe from the middle of the screen rather than right on the “answer” icon. This will be fixed in a future SW update.
  • Regarding an issue where Sprint devices lose or heavily delay SMS messages from arriving: Essential is working with Sprint to determine whether the issue is with Sprint, Essential, or both. They assure this is a top priority for the Software team.
  • Public Oreo update is expected to arrive by the end of the year as the team closely watches Beta tester feedback. If all goes well, this would be the only Oreo Beta build the company releases until the Public Oreo build. Otherwise, if it has to release a second Beta built, it will.
  • Android Auto issues with 2017 Hyundai cars will be addressed in Oreo. If it can be fixed on Essential’s end, it will be done. Otherwise, the company would have to dig deeper and work with Hyundai to find out what’s wrong.
  • Some users have reported that the notification LED no longer shows charging status. Essential is working on it.
  • The Essential Easter egg was removed from the settings, but Essential says we’ll be seeing it again in a future build.
  • Android 8.1 is absolutely planned for the PH-1.
  • AptX support is coming, the phone has the hardware for it, but business and paperwork are in the way of making it a reality.

Essential’s software team is hard at work with all the aforementioned issues that were addressed. The Oreo public release is expected to arrive by the end of the year.



Doogee to release a curved smartphone


LG and Samsung both tried something new a few years ago: they released smartphones with curved displays. Samsung released the Galaxy Round, a device that had a screen curved along its vertical axis, sort of like a taco shell. Meanwhile, LG released two generations of its LG G Flex – a smartphone that was curved along its horizontal axis. When placed in a pocket, it was flexible enough to go flat and then return to its curve.

The latest report comes from Evan Blass (A.K.A. @Evleaks) in the form of a tweet with a couple of photos. The tweet references the aforementioned smartphone before saying that Doogee might very well be trying to make a curved-screen device.

The display would feature an 18.5:9 aspect ratio with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The two images attached to the tweet show a flexible display, with Doogee’s branding on it. Likely from some kind of prototype display.

Doogee came out of the shadows with a near-bezel-less smartphone – the Doogee Mix. Should it happen, the compant might bring the curved-display form factor back into relevancy. Do you believe that curved-display smartphones like the LG G Flex should make a return or is this still more of a niche form factor?

The Honor V10 will debut on November 28


Huawei’s sub-brand Honor will announce its V10 flagship on November 28 in China, as per an official teaser on Honor’s Weibo account.

The Honor V10 is supposed to be a less expensive version of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. It will be rocking the same 6-inch 18:9 screen, Kirin 970 chipset with 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 16MP+20MP cameras on the back.

Honor CEO has confirmed that the V10 will use the same Android 8.0 Oreo-based Huawei EMUI 8.0 as the Mate 10 family. The Honor flagship will also get to share the 4,000mAh fast charging battery.

After its announcement in China, the Honor V10 will make its European debut at an December 5 event in London.

The Honor V10 will likely carry a price tag of around 3,000 CNY (€383).

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Gionee M7 Plus leaks in renders and press images


This is our best look yet of the upcoming Gionee M7 Plus and it comes in the form of an official-looking render and two images of the phone in the wild on what looks like an ad shoot.

The images don’t give up any new information outside of the design – the same brushed metal body with an 18:9 screen as the Gionee M7. It doesn’t look anything like the purported hands-on that surfaced at the beginning of this month.

Yesterday the Gionee M7 Plus made a visit to AnTuTu and GFXBench and revealed its key specs.

According to rumors the M7 Plus will become official on November 26.

Thanks for the tip, Fang!


HTC starts pushing Android Oreo to U11


HTC announced two versions of the U11 Life and U11+ with Oreo out of the box and now it is bringing its existing devices up to speed, starting with the HTC U11.

HTC is already pushing the upgrade to U11 owners in Taiwan with other markets expected to follow soon.

HTC starts pushing Android Oreo to U11 owners

The update’s version is 2.31.709.1 and is 1.33 GB in size. Along with Android 8.0 Oreo features, the upgrade brings China Telecom and VoWiFi support.


Nokia Threat Intelligence Report: number of infected Android phones on the rise


While PC ransomware like WannaCry made the news, viruses are all too common on smartphones. Nokia’s Threat Intelligence report shows that the majority of infected devices that connect to mobile networks were indeed Android phones.

Still, Nokia praises Google’s efforts with Google Play Protect and says that Play Store’s defenses are much better than they were two years ago. However, third-party app stores are less protected and are a common vector of infection.

The biggest threat are trojanized apps – once that pose as popular apps (say, Netflix) but contain malicious code (those usually come from the other app stores). Due to government restrictions, essentially all Androids in China use a non-Google store.

According to Nokia, the Uapush adware is the most popular malicious app, the Jisun ransomware came in second and the Marcher banking trojan in third. The average infection rate was 0.68%.

Note that Nokia collects this info via NetGuard, a security product used by mobile network operators. This way it can detect infected devices with no client-side software, but it skews the numbers against smartphones as it only tracks Windows systems that use a dongle or are tethered through a phone (i.e. not ones with a fixed home Internet connection).

On fixed residential networks things look much better. Nokia reports that the infection rate fell to 6.2% from 11.3% last year.

Anyway, iOS is under attack as well, mostly by Spyphone apps, though with basically no third-party app stores the infections were less common. Older versions of iOS have unpatched vulnerabilities, however.


Razer Phone now on sale in the US


The Razer Phone went on sale a couple of days early – it was supposed to launch on November 17, but it’s available right now in the US. Well, the regular edition is anyway, the special edition is sold out already (it was a limited run of just 1,337 units).

Anyway, the phone costs $700 as promised but you can add a few accessories. A thin case for $20 or a rugged one for $40 or Razer’s Hammerhead BT headphones for $100. If you’re going to use wired headphones, try not to lose the USB-C to 3.5mm adapter – a new one is $20.

Razer Phone now on sale in the US

Currently, only is selling the phone. In the US, and Microsoft stores should also have units, but perhaps they’ll wait until November 17. We checked Razer’s European sites, the phone isn’t available there yet.